Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies

About us

  1. Organization structure and job assignment

The Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies has two sub-units:the Sector of Continuing Education and the Sector of Professional Studies. The task of the Sector of Continuing Education is to manage various student’s life counseling and scholarship application, to update student’s registration information, and to manage student’s grading system and course selection system. The task of the Sector of Professional Studies is to develop, promote and implement various promotion education plans and measures. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service mechanism for all students participating in school's regular continuing education or short-term training education.

  1. Organization

(1)Job responsibilities

    A.Sector of Continuing Education

      1. Student registration information management
      2. Grading system management
      3. Printing and issuing of Chinese and English degree certificates
      4. Admissions and Examination for the sector of continuing education
      5. Application for student’s emergency aid and financial aid, student loan, tuition and miscellaneous fee exemptions, and various scholarships and grants
      6. Comprehensive services for student’s life counseling, summarizing student’s absenteeism and asking for leave, and conduct grading.

        B.Sector of Professional Studies

        1. Student enrollment for continuing education.
        2. Data management for students of continuing education
        3. Certificates production for continuing education
        4. Expense control and reimbursement for classes of continuing education
        5. Preparation of closure reports for classes of continuing education